I participate on my son’s Special Education PTA committee, so I know how fortunate we are to have Barbara Joffe advocate for our child. Every IEP meeting is collaborative, and Barbara takes the time to understand our son, the school community, and especially the teachers. She builds lasting relationships with key administrators and therapists, which makes it very easy for us track progress. I don’t know what we would do without her.

– Amy W.

I am friendly with a group of SNRG moms. We always say that we want Dr. Nay to move into our homes! You might laugh, but that is our true wish. Dr. Nay is brilliant, kind, and compassionate. All of us enjoy our family lives, now that our children can communicate their wants and needs in a positive way. Thank you for everything, Dr. Nay!

– Jessica G.

Barbara helped us find the perfect school for our daughter, who has mild learning challenges. We were overwhelmed and did not know how we would ever find a middle school where she would flourish. Barbara suggested tours, helped us connect with key staff, reviewed our applications, and coached our daughter who was quite anxious during the process. Barbara is highly organized, communicative, and she knows how to put everyone at ease, even our pre-teen! Our daughter is blossoming at her new school, learning and making friends.

– Sarah K.

Our teen son thinks that Dr. Nay is the coolest person on Earth! In a calm, natural, and teen-oriented way, Dr. Nay created a path for independence, confidence, self-advocacy, and positive communication with us and the people at school. Barbara Joffe was then able to help us find a great school match for him. The energy of these two should be bottled.

– Aaron S.

The SNRG office is so helpful and friendly. Andrea patiently supported us with tons of questions about insurance reimbursement, and she promptly provided us with an invoice to attach to our insurance claim form without us even asking! Vanessa’s calm problem-solving with scheduling or connecting us to the proper team member whenever we needed help is always reassuring. Everyone at SNRG understands parental stress when children need extra help, and they are committed to making all smooth and easy for families.

– Michael and Jessica T.

We have worked with a lot of people in LA, hands-down Barbara Joffe and her team are the best.”

Michelle A.

When our child was diagnosed, we didn’t know about early intervention. Barbara patiently outlined a roadmap, got her therapists onboard, and helped us find excellent providers to to add to our son’s team.  SNRG is awesome!”

Jonathan B.

The teen years are hard enough. If you have a child with challenges, it can be rough. Barbara and Nay get teens. They know how to help.”

Matthew and Heather R.

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