Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Meet Your Students Where They Are!

In addition to your grade-level students, you are responsible for educating and fully engaging advanced and gifted learners, behaviorally challenged students, children with both identified and unidentified developmental challenges, struggling readers and writers, and many other special populations. Teachers tell us that, at times, the complexity of their classrooms requires expertise beyond their training.

SNRG pairs expertise in teaching with behavioral management strategies to address a streamlined approach to differentiated instruction. We train and collaborate with preschool, elementary, middle school, and secondary general education teachers.

Differentiated Instruction gives students a range of ways to access curriculum, instruction, and assessment. When teaching is tailored to individual needs, abilities, and learning styles, students interact and participate in the classroom in a richer way.

SNRG Guarantees Results for your Students

Our training model is hands-on. We work with you!

All your students will enjoy learning, show more interest and motivation, maintain higher energy levels, and stay more engaged in whole group, small group, and independent instructional activities.

You will be empowered to reduce achievement gaps and build a classroom community that celebrates diversity in experiences and abilities.

Best Practices, Best Outcomes

• All students are challenged and working comfortable at their level of ability, which results in greatly improved time-on-task behavior.

• In an atmosphere where students are given tailored options about how they could learn the material and demonstrate proficiency in the content, they are proud to “own” their learning and academic performance.

• Your students will be inspired to share what they learn.

• All of your students will find instructional material relevant, work diligently, and experience a high rate of success in your classroom. Overall academic achievement will increase for the whole class!

• You will gain new insights and find many creative instructional strategies!

Make Change Happen

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The Special Needs Resource Group creatively and compassionately expands programming for children with learning, social, and emotional challenges. Our focus is always on the child! Please call us for a consultation.

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