School Placement

School Placement

I Need A School That Thinks Outside the Box!

Finding the right school for your child or teen with challenges may be one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your child. A school that is a good fit for your student will be comfortable and promote a high-quality education and a high level of self-esteem.

If you find yourself on this page, then you already know how daunting this goal is.

SNRG’s educational consultants and advocates have smoothly transitioned hundreds of students to schools that are the best fit for each child or teen.

How We Do It

We get to know your child! You may be surprised to learn that many school placement professionals never meet the children and teens they place in schools. SNRG educational consultants observe your child across settings to really understand how learning and socialization looks for your unique student. We meet individually with teens who are older and can often articulate their learning needs and friendship goals.

We interview parents. Parents depth of understanding about their children and teens is critically important to excellent school placement. We want to know about your goals, and the way your child learns and connects with others from your perspective.

We review records. A complete record review is conducted with all school records and private evaluations.

We talk with all professionals who work with your child. All information is good information. We talk with doctors, therapists, teachers, and administrators.

We have relationships with staff at both public and independent schools. It is important for school admissions personnel to know that we know about their schools as we make recommendations to families. A good match for your child or teen means that SNRG educational consultants are current in their understanding of a school’s educational philosophy, implementation of curriculum, and any special programs that may benefit your student.

We provide IEP and 504 Plan Advocacy for students attending Public Schools. 

We help you integrate private treatment team approaches and school strategies. This is what feels smooth and positive for students. We work with the new school, so that your student is supported in a way that works!

We follow all students to make sure that they are thriving in their new school settings. After a student is placed, we check in to see that all is going smoothly. This gives us an opportunity to be proactive if changes are needed.

“Our daughter refused to go to school. SNRG helped replace that behavior, and she went willingly, then Barbara Joffe helped us find a new school. We cannot believe that this is the girl who was struggling. She is up and dressed and excited to go to school every day. She has good grades and good friends.”

Make Change Happen

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The Special Needs Resource Group creatively and compassionately expands programming for children with learning, social, and emotional challenges. Our focus is always on the child! Please call us for a consultation.

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