Getting To Kindergarten Is A Journey Not A Race.

Early Intervention
Ready Set Go!

Early Intervention combines and integrates therapies to help babies, toddlers, and preschoolers reach developmental milestones.

Early Intervention sets children up for success by improving communication, behavior, and relationships.

Early Intervention helps young children smoothly navigate home, preschool, and community settings, so they will be ready to achieve in Kindergarten.

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Behavior Intervention 

Behavior is a powerful form of communication.

Young children with challenging behaviors often struggle both at home and in preschool. SNRG’s Behavior Intervention Team provides families with 1-to-1 behavior intervention with highly trained therapists. Coaching and consultation for parents and teachers are also part of our comprehensive program.  All behaviorists are trained to use ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). SNRG therapists target positive and productive behavior by facilitating the use functional communication to get needs and wants met. Parents are also trained in the strategies and techniques to help their children.

“Thank you SNRG. My son can calm down on his own, using the tool kit you gave him!”

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Kindergarten Readiness

Sometimes all it takes is a little extra practice!

SNRG provides ongoing programs for children, ages 3-5, who need extra steps to get ready for Kindergarten. All programs are designed for small groups of children and conducted by developmental specialists and behavior therapists who know how to make learning fun. Kindergarten Readiness Groups are held in our beautiful Santa Monica office.

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The Special Needs Resource Group creatively and compassionately expands programming for children with learning, social, and emotional challenges. Our focus is always on the child! Please call us for a consultation.

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