Gifted/Twice Exceptional (2E)

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Children are gifted when their abilities are significantly above what is typical for their age.
Giftedness may emerge in one or more areas: intellectual, athletic, creative, artistic, leadership, or in a specific academic subject like language arts, math, or science.

Gifted Students

Gifted students often need and want more intellectual challenge than even the best schools can offer them. They can become easily frustrated and emotional when people cannot grasp information, concepts, and ideas as fully and quickly as they can, which can create social obstacles and anxiety at school. Gifted children and teens are highly sensitive and acutely aware of their differences. They often feel apart from their friend group, but do not always know how to find a way to close the gap.

2E Students

Some gifted students also have learning challenges such as anxiety, autism, ADHD, or learning disabilities. These students require an accelerated curriculum in the areas of strength and extra support in their areas of challenge. Schools are often not successful in offering both paths to students, which can result in confusion, heightened frustration, lower self-esteem, and increased negative behavior.

Presume Competence!

The SNRG team is trained to work with gifted and 2E individuals, their families, and teachers to help with overall school adjustment. Strategies for expanded academics, problem-solving, and social connection are implemented with each student’s individual strengths and challenges in mind. The goal is happiness and success socially, emotionally, and academically through all years of education. 

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