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Some Children Need a Little Extra TLC

  • After missing almost two years of school, some children need a little extra support and encouragement to make new friends, participate fully with the class, or complete independent tasks and assignments in school. Building blocks for play or learning-to-learn skills were missed by many children. If this describes your child or your child’s school is suggesting more support during the school day, SNRG’s Personal Coach Program can help!

We provide personal coaches who are trained by Dr. Nay Smith (Dr. Nay), SNRG’s behavior specialist. They can build your child confidence by supporting socialization, following directions, and self-advocacy during the school day.

Most of the children participating in this program do not have an identified learning or developmental challenge, but they benefit from short-term support in the school setting.

  • Adolescence is a time of great transition, and many children missed school during this important preparation period. Some pre-teens and young teens need modeling to better understand how to enter social groups and feel confident. Some teens need to learn how to rack up their “cool points” with their classmates.

Dr. Nay’s team is also trained to work with children during early adolescence to help them grow and be the best they can be! Personal Coaches work in the home setting with teens.

All Personal Coaches have experience with children and teens, full background checks, and are consistently supported and supervised by Dr. Nay Smith.

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