Covid-19 Remote Learning Support

Remote Learning Success for your Child!

Many students cannot access distance learning programs because:
    • They have difficulty sustaining attention to the content of virtual lessons or learning through worksheets.
    • A clear structured schedule is not available from school: students and their families are expected to create a distance learning daily timeline.
    • They have executive function difficulties that cause a high level of frustration with organizing and completing work loaded into Google Classroom or similar platforms.
    • They do not have the appropriate equipment to access assignments.
    • They do not have personal attention from teachers.
    • They learn best with a multi-sensory instructional approach.
    • They do not have consistent adult learning support at home because parents are also working remotely from home.
    • Distractions are high in the home setting.

It doesn’t have to be so hard!

SNRG is here to help. We have many success stories to share, but all have a similar outcome as one of our clients, Oliver, whose name has been changed to protect his privacy. Oliver is in 6th grade at a local Greater Los Angeles area school. He has mild learning challenges and excellent support both at school and at home with tutors and his loving parents. Once his school closed, he was unable to independently access the school’s distance learning curriculum. Lessons were emailed as videos, an overwhelming number of assignments were listed in Google Classroom, or through learning websites such as Kahn Academy. Both of Oliver’s parents are working from home and could not help him throughout his day. He was told to work for 30 minutes per subject area. There was no schedule suggested and some of the work was considered “optional” by teachers, so Oliver refused to do it. He said that he felt “stupid,” and all but gave up on getting his schoolwork completed.

Oliver’s parents called Barbara Joffe, the educator on SNRG’s team. She was able to help the family develop a clear daily schedule; enhance Oliver’s access to the curriculum by designing new and exciting ways for him to learn, such as working on interesting projects that incorporated several subjects and managed all instructional standards. Dr. Nay Smith, SNRG’s Behavior Intervention expert, helped Oliver’s parents develop calm and effective responses to his frustration and resulting negative outbursts. With SNRG’s support, Oliver was able to work on his own, complete all assignments, and tell his parents he felt “good” about school. He participated with confidence in his Zoom class lessons! Oliver’s self-esteem is high, and his parents are free to work at home through this difficult time.

SNRG thanks Luis Solivan Studio for being a hero and generously donating his time and services to help children and teens succeed through this difficult time in the Greater Los Angeles area.

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